Pampered Pets

British entrepreneurs Lewella and Richard Long recently opened their first stateside business, Tazzy & Boo, a pet foods and grooming store, in the Antiquity Shopping Center in Cornelius. With 50 years of combined experience in the retail pet trade, they are excited to bring their knowledge and love of animals to the Lake Norman community. We sat down—and stayed—with the new owners to get a glimpse into who they are and what Tazzy & Boo is all about.

What brought you to Lake Norman and the Antiquity neighborhood?

Before we decided to start our business in North Carolina and Lake Norman, we traveled around the United States to find a place where our whole family would feel completely at home. We were instantly made to feel welcome here and we knew it was an area where we would like to raise our children. When we found out there was a unit available at Antiquity, we knew instantly this was going to be the perfect location for us to start an upscale pet food, self-wash, and grooming store that would be able to serve a great community.

What’s the story behind the name?

The store was named after our two beautiful Bernese mountain dogs. They are sisters from different litters and have very different personalities, which you will see when you come and visit the store. They will be waiting for you to give them a hug!  

What type of experience do you bring from all your years in the pet industry?

We have probably spoken to 10,000 customers over the years, gaining detailed insight into what foods are best to feed your dog and cat. We can give advice on what to feed and discuss how the food is linked to health and behavioral issues.  

How does the self-wash work?

The self-wash will provide facilities to bathe your dog yourself, with quality Earthwash shampoos. An apron, brushes, combs, towels, and a dryer will also be provided. Customers can upgrade to a Furbuster wash with our groomer’s secret weapon, a specially formulated anti-shed shampoo and anti-shed conditioner. Best of all, you can make as much mess as you want and we will clean it up.

What other services are offered?

If you want your pet bathed by a professional, we have a choice of services including a standard service bath, bath and Furminator, bath and spa, and a puppy bath and brush. If your pet requires a cut, we have a fully trained stylist with 15 years of experience who prides herself on being the best. We also provide a convenient dog walking service where customers can go online and book a walk or visit, and our trained dog walker will come and make a fuss over your pooch so you don’t have to hurry home. If you are away overnight, we can also stay with your pet, making sure they’re fed, watered, and loved while you’re not there.

For more information, to book a service, or to reserve product for in-store pick-up, visit Tazzy & Boo is located at 19921 Zion Ave., Unit C2, Cornelius.